Write Essays for Money

Those who write essays for money provide a valuable service for weary students and busy professionals. A hectic schedule can be a source of stress in one’s life, especially if your grades depend on completing a specific written assignment. 

Also, we have the issue of procrastination. Many students can tell you from personal experience that we tend to delay something until the very last moment. We skip doing our work on time to enjoy a free weekend or a night out on the town. Then, we exhaust ourselves and skip sleep when finals and midterms come along. 

This tendency to procrastinate can often get us in trouble. And if some other problem suddenly comes into the picture, it can leave you unable to finish your college assignment on time. 

In the good old days, there used to be students who offered to write college essays for money in exchange for some of your pocket money. 

Our business is similar to that service, but it is scaled up, and we use professional writers. You can still find amateurs who offer to write essays for money on Reddit and other platforms, but there is almost no accountability in the process. 

There will be no recourse in the case of shoddy work, in addition to no revisions or refunds. 

Our service only hires professional writers who write essays for cheap,  and each of these pros is held accountable.  It is doubtful that you will be unhappy with the final product. However, it is possible to ask for a revision should this situation occur.

Overall, the value obtained is well worth the investment. Most people spend tens of thousands of dollars on their college tuition. Failing a class threatens that investment.  The amount spent on sites that write academic essays for money represents a drop in the bucket compared to what you stand to lose if you fail an important class.


Here are some people that stand to benefit from our service:

  1. People with busy schedules 

First and foremost, essay writing services are employed by various professionals as a time-saving mechanism. In a vast majority of cases, customers can easily do a comparable job writing their own essays. However, the modern world and economy are nothing but stressful. 

Some people simply cannot spare the time to write a paper. Many students are working jobs in parallel with their studies. This predicament traps many young people in a demanding schedule that rarely can accommodate extra work. 

It gets to the point that someone is willing to spend $200 just to enjoy a free weekend. Also, purchasing an essay can leave the student with more time to dedicate to a subject where he/she struggles.

  1. Students who lack a natural affinity for writing

Every person is unique. This is not just a feel-good mantra but a measurable and demonstrable fact. Given this variation in human ability, we each have distinct talents and passions. Also, it becomes a “chicken or the egg” question. Are good writers created or born? Is it practice or predisposition, nature or nurture?

An educated guess would say: “both, to a certain degree.” Some people have a propensity towards verbal and written expression, which attracts them to writing and speaking-related professions. This time spent further sharpens their skills. 

However, some people lack this affinity. Many students have at least one colleague who is brilliant at his chosen specialization. Aces in solving equations or understanding chemistry can struggle with expression and rhetoric. Sharp as they may be, these people are not necessarily good writers and speakers. 

Scatter-brained professionals are as charming as they are common. A mind for the practical and not for the weaving of words can write a long-winded essay, but it will not enjoy the process.

  1. Businesspeople from any field

Our writers do not write college essays for money exclusively. There are other demographics that we service. 

One would hope that homework ends once you graduate. It may seem counterintuitive to learn that being a paid professional sometimes implies writing homework. 

Business people often have to prepare presentations and sound highly knowledgeable. Our writers can easily handle the writing of presentation or product reviews. 

Papers can be ordered as information briefings, presenting a specific subject in detail. 

  1. Aspiring writers

There’s an old saying: “Jobs aren’t learned, they are stolen.”

For the most part, that is true. In any endeavor, the best way to learn is to watch a professional. Some students do not intend to order more than a single essay. They want to use it as a template for their future work.  Aspiring writers want to learn how to write academic essays for money.

Given that we employ professional writers, they can be asked only to edit and modify existing work.  Learning from a pro always helps. 

  1. High school students

Gone are the days when your early years represented a period of unstructured fun and freedom. Kids are pressured to succeed as early as kindergarten, and parents tend to overschedule and plan out every moment of their day. 

In theory, high school is supposed to provide you with a more generalized education, while college is the place that prepares you for a specialized niche profession. 

This means that an aspiring doctor or engineer will still have to deal with English language writing, philosophy, history, or literature. Many high school students who have some extra pocket change can hire companies such as ours. They don’t want to have to worry about a subject that simply doesn’t interest them. 

Our professional writers can write high school essays for money, allowing the high school student to focus on his/her subject of choice.

It should also be mentioned that we can aid high school graduates.  Graduation represents a turning point for the young adult: he/she either tries to enter the workforce or applies to a college. Our company can help you with both situations. 

We offer to write college application essays for money. We can also write an excellent CV.  These services will increase your chances of getting into your dream job or university. 

  1. Teachers and professional writers

You wouldn’t expect teachers and professional writers to contract writing work. After all, they are capable of doing the job themselves. However, the issue has never been about capability. 

As previously mentioned, those who write essays for money online are hired as a time-saving service. For example, if a writer has a high word count requirement and needs to produce content in bulk, we can edit and check his work before sending it to the client. 

We must also consider the dreaded writer’s block. For those unfamiliar with writer’s block, it is a phenomenon when all creativity seems to leave the writer. It feels like your brain just turned off. 

It is a writer’s nightmare to sit for hours and stare at a blank Word Document page, watching that pulsating cursor bar, unable to produce anything of worth. 

Instead of getting frustrated that you lost your superpowers, simply ask for our help. Every writer has been through this situation, including ours. We offer to aid in creating writing. 

For teachers, we can write lesson plans, reviews, and summaries. 


It all begins with the client accessing our main page. There, you will find our price calculator as a central page feature. It will estimate your essay’s cost, making it easier to compare prices among different essay sites. 

Still, customers should be aware that this estimation is not entirely accurate. It is a rapid-fire calculation, and its accuracy stems from the fact that it doesn’t include all factors. Once you’ve decided to purchase a paper, you will be redirected to a more detailed form to input your data.


Justifying the price

We do not have a general flat rate per page, given that content can vary depending on several factors. It is these factors that the following section will explain, and you will find them included in the price calculator. 

  1. Academic level. 

This criterion can easily be rephrased as “difficulty level.” A writer is not restricted to only write essays for money for college. Other academic levels need just as much attention. 

Of course, papers from a more advanced education level will require more work and research. The standards will be higher for citations, language, and structure. 

Overall it will represent more work for our writers, justifying a high rate per page. These levels are High school, College, University, and Ph.D. 

The University level should be understood as a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. 

While a single page for a High School essay will cost $12, a more advanced Ph.D. page will be worth $24. 

  1. Type of paper

The word “essay” is often overused in our field, given that it represents most of our work. It is our bread and butter. However, we can provide clients with other paper types. 

Here are just some of the main paper types: 

  • Annotated bibliography
  • Articles
  • Article reviews
  • Biographies 
  • Blog writing 
  • Book reviews
  • Business Plans
  • Capstone projects
  • Case studies
  • Coursework
  • Creative writing
  • Critical thinking
  • Online Lectures
  • Exam notes
  • Lab Reports
  • Literature reviews
  • Movie reviews
  • Research papers
  • Term papers
  • Thesis
  • Dissertations 

And these are just a few representations of the full range of our services. Regardless of your academic needs, we can fulfill them.

  1. Quantity 

It is reasonable to assume that a higher number of pages will cost you more. Most essay sites reward those who order repeatedly and have amassed a large number of pages ordered. We also reward the loyalty of our customers. 

  1. Urgency 

As previously mentioned, most people outsource some of their writing in order to save time. This need can be caused by procrastination, last-minute emergencies, committing too many projects, working a side-job, etc. 

Regardless of the reason, you need us to write essays for money instantly.

The urgency of the deadline is one of our major criteria in terms of price calculation. The total cost will increase in direct proportion to the deadline. A tight deadline will raise your price per page. 

You can order a paper to be delivered in a couple of weeks or overnight. Our specialized writers will write essays for money in as little as 3-6 hours.

 We can only achieve this impressive feat due to our sizable base of experienced professionals. 

In conclusion, a high school-level paper due in two weeks will cost you more than a College-level piece due in 24 hours. 

Security, anonymity, and moral questions

Is it illegal to write essays for money?

The short answer is no. There is nothing in the legal code that forbids outsourcing your academic work to a third-party. Also, nothing is prohibiting that third-party from charging you for their work.

There are illegitimate companies that lack proper ethics or licensing. Yet, that is not a reflection on the practice of writing student essays for money. It is a moral failing of the particular company. 

Our company caters to mostly a US client base. However, there is nothing stopping someone from another country from ordering an essay. As long as the paper is in English, we can write it.

Although we are not aware of any country banning online essay sites, check with your local laws to make sure. 

Will my privacy be protected?  

The modern world is reorienting itself towards an information-based economy. At first glance, an observer might be baffled that billion-dollar companies such as Facebook and Google offer their services for free. How do these companies make their money?

A famous saying on the internet is, “ if the product is not immediately obvious, you are the product.”

Indeed, most online sites gather your information and sell it to advertisers. Using this data, they target ads specific to your tastes and behavior patterns. Many people have a strong distaste for this invasion of their privacy.

We understand that privacy has become a primary concern of many consumers. We will not sell and pass-on your data to any third-party. Your information is safe with us. 

Similar to any other website, we do employ browser cookies. Otherwise, certain features of our website will not work for your browser. However, our cookies are minimally invasive. 

Hundreds of thousands of essays are ordered from services like ours. We are not aware of any clients being outed as having used such a site. Your teachers and colleagues will not find out that you have purchased an essay from our website.

Is it immoral to use an online essay writing service? 

Again, the short answer is no.  

A vast majority of our former and current clients aren’t asking us to do something outside their own capabilities. They can easily write their own essays if given enough time.  Ultimately, they aren’t purchasing written words; they are purchasing their time back.

Even school assignments can vary in importance and urgency. Given the current state of colleges, the schedules are bloated with useless subjects. 

For working people, almost any job includes aspects of less-relevant busy-work. 

Overall, we specialize in freeing you from time-wasting tasks, leaving you more time to enjoy for leisure or focus on more critical aspects of the job. Writing essays for money is legit from the standpoint of the seller and the buyer. 

Ordering fast-food doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a lousy cook. It just means that you want a break from cooking, at least for an afternoon. 

Our hiring practices

The best websites to write essays for money often adopt very stringent hiring practices. It may be tempting to hire the cheapest writers for bulk work, but this policy will hurt the website in the long run.

We pay top dollar for our writers, and in exchange, we demand uncompromised quality. We realize that we can increase our profits by hiring low-rate freelancers, but a sterling reputation is not worth that short-term gain. 

Every writer is repeatedly and thoroughly vetted before he/she even gets to talk to a client. Some of our writers are former academics, while others have veteran freelance with years of experience under their belt. 

The quality of the final product depends much on the communication between the writer and his client.  Someone who will write essays for money is not your classmate. As a customer, you can order a paper and wait for it to come to you. Yet, it will be better to provide many details and points beforehand. 

Nobody can read your mind or the mind of your teacher. Good communication is imperative. 

Our customer support staff represents the other pillar of our company.  We realize that customers do not contact customer support if everything is going well. If you are talking to a rep, the odds are that you are unhappy with something, or you require an explanation. 

Given this predicament, we have selected our customer support representatives in terms of their temperament and professionalism. Customers will find them very polite and eager to help resolve any issue. 

How does it work?

First, you can fill the initial form present on our home page. After, you will be taken to a much more detailed form page, where every detail regarding the work must be filled-in. Although a more extended form may seem like a hassle, it guarantees that the final piece will match your expectations. 

Given that our writers receive reviews on their work, we use a three-tier system to rate them: Basic Writer, Advanced Writer, and Top Writer.  Advanced writers and top writers can be contracted for an extra charge. 

It should be mentioned that there is no guarantee that basic writers are any less capable. The more advanced level have gathered more positive reviews; thus, they are more of proven quality. 

If you are a returning customer that had a positive experience in the past, we have you covered. You can provide us with the ID of the writer that impressed you with his work. 

Some customers are under very tight deadlines. Given this situation, they cannot afford to wait for the paper, see if it’s good, and then send it for a revision if the essay is lackluster. 

These people regularly order the same essay from two different writers. It is much more likely that at least one of them will get it right. 

If both papers are good, you can share the spare with a colleague. While selecting this option, every customer will benefit from a 30% on the second written work.

After, the form will ask you to specify the number of sources and how many charts and graphs should be included.  You can also select extra paid features such as an additional editor check, a plagiarism check, and text message updates regarding your work’s progress. 


The process of registration has been deemed unnecessary by many, but we tend to disagree.

If I go to a site that promises to write my essays for money, I expect the process to run as smoothly as possible.

We understand the annoyance of people that are asked to make an account on almost every site they access so that they can be put on mailing lists and have their info farmed. We are not interested in either of those activities. 

Creating an account gives the client access to his control panel to manage orders more efficiently. Also, it allows us to keep track of your orders for more efficient and accurate loyalty rewards. 


What is the process when you pay someone to write your essay? After you have specified every detail regarding the essay and registered an account, you will be asked for payment details. We accept most mainstream credit or debit cards and work with most payment processors.

Sharing your financial information is illegal, and you do not need to worry about security in this regard. 


To write essays for money is legit, from all standpoints. Our service is legal and moral from all perspectives, as we provide customers with peace of mind. Exploitative practices among employers and Academia can leave students feeling drained, stressed, overworked, and exhausted. 

Sometimes, you will need a free weekend or one less assignment to restart your batteries.  Or maybe you made a mistake and left everything until the last moment. 

The reason you need this break is irrelevant. What is relevant is that our writers can provide you with an excellent essay that will withstand even the harshest teacher’s scrutiny. 

We only work with proven veteran writers, so you need not worry about amateurs ruining your grade.

We made similar selections concerning our web development team, given that our website is well-designed and inutitive. 

Overall, we offer quality and fast delivery for a reasonable price.