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Since you’ve opened this article, you are probably a student who is now wondering, “how can I find someone to write my essay today?” And we are here to answer that question. First, let us see why you are asking this question.

Well, we all know how hard it is for students in high school and college these days, especially with the pandemic going all-crazy on us. They have multiple assignments, plenty of them due in just several days. And they also have to visit classes, be it online or in-person, and they need to study the materials they’ve covered. Students usually also have work to attend to, as well as many personal matters. This all gives them a hard time during their semester. It requires lots of work, dedication, long nights, and time. And time is something that is not enough for doing everything.

Thus, many students need help with their assignments. This help can be found in various ways, but the digital world has something to offer. And now the answer to the question, “who can write my essay today”, is “online essay writing services”. Those can be found all over the web these days and they can sometimes make offers that seem too good to be true. So, how can one find a person to write their essay? Well, we will try to answer that question with plenty of beneficial information.

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To start with,

What Does One Need to Write Essays for Money?

What does one need to be able to be the answer of the question “Who can write my essay today online?”

Lots of things.

The first of them is the academic experience. You cannot expect someone to be fluent in, say, business if they have majored in theatrical arts. Also, you cannot pick someone who majored in physics and expect them to know all about the history of art. So, the one that you will pick to write your essay will need to have the qualification required for the task. How can you be sure they have it, though? To find out, check below.

Second, they should be able to write in the academic language. There is a difference between doing a, say, philosophical essay and an essay on the new technologies in molecular biology. They require different types of approaches to the process and the person who will be the answer to “who should write my essay today?”, should know how to deal with different scenarios. They should have an understanding of what academia requires in the written assignments and how to achieve this in every topic they write on. Some other side, but not minor, things are the references, the citations, etc. They are necessary for the essay you want to be written.

Also, the last thing we want to mention here, is that writers should be able to do their research. You cannot expect them to know everything. No one does. Even one field has so much information that it is impossible to know it all. Thus, the writer should understand how to navigate through the sea of data we have both online and in textbooks, as well as how to sort it, see what is important, and write it through. If they aren’t capable of doing so, they may stumble upon perfect information and fail to include it.

How Do Essay Writing Services Pick Writers?

Now, here we are talking about “who to write my essay today for money?”. To answer that question, we want to point out the existence of online essay writing services. But how to make sure they are offering a connection to a proper essay writer? Well, such services that are good in what they do have a throughout the hiring process.

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They start by going through the CV of the applicant. They check whether the candidate has the necessary qualifications, aka a diploma for higher education. This is an important step in the process for without such a qualification writers will probably be unable to navigate through the world of academia.

Those services also require a test job to be done. This is done by giving the applicant some topic to write a particular assignment on and then the managers decide whether that is good or bad and if the writer is suitable for the work they are applying to. The test job allows the editors to see how good is that candidate with navigating through information, compiling it into a comprehendible written piece, and drawing conclusions from the data they’ve gathered.

Also, some need an interview. This is mostly done online. It can be beneficial for learning other details that are important for the job. It allows the employers to learn more about the candidates and evaluate their knowledge and abilities.

How to Pick an Online Essay Writing Service?

Now, when we answered “who to write my essay today urgent?”, we should also take a look at how to select the proper essay writing service.

When it comes to being the answer to the question “Who can write my essay for me today?”, many online services offer such an option. The internet allows for many services to existing and it sometimes may be hard to navigate through them and pick the best one. To make sure you have gathered enough information, we suggest you look for reviews from third-parties and customers. There are various websites that allow customers to post reviews and you may want to check those out. Also, look for reviews from independent parties that have gathered the information required to make a good decision.

Also, when you are picking a service that can be the answer to “Who can write my essay for money today?”, make sure to take a good look at the website. There needs to be a clearly stated page about the terms of the service, what do they offer, what guarantees do they give, as well as the options for revisions, refunds, communication to writers, and customer service employees. If there aren’t such details given, the service may be more about trying to scam students to give them the money, rather than providing quality content for a price.

Carefully read the details about the pricing, the deadlines, the options to get a revision, as well as how to proceed with the ordering process. If there are FAQs, this may be helpful.

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In general, the more information you can gather about a particular service, the better. Yes, there might be some negative reviews. There are such about any service. And this is okay for no single thing can exceed anyone’s expectations. Some people will be disappointed, but the thing is you need to look what is the experience of the majority. If the negative reviews can be counted on fingers, while the positive is plenty and the overall rating is quite good, then the service is probably okay.

We want to highlight once again that reviews are important and you need to pay attention to them. They can give you wonderful information, tips, advice, and other beneficial tools to use in your journey.

But wait, are we missing something? Sure, let us take a look at…

What Is Actually an Essay Writing Service?

When we are talking about the question, “who can write my essay for me now?”, we need to actually say what are such services.

In short, they connect customers to writers who are employed by that service to provide high-quality written pieces – essays, theses, dissertations, etc.

You, as a customer, will first need to fill out an order form. That includes topic, field of the assignment, deadline (it can vary according to different services), additional requirements, extra options, etc. Once you’ve completed those initial prerequisites, you will see how much will your order cost. Then you are referred to a page where you can do the payment.

Once that is complete, the order you’ve placed will be assigned to the best writer available. In most cases, you will be able to directly communicate with your writer, and, sometimes, you may even get a preview of what has been written so far.

Some services offer options for revisions after you’ve received your assignment.

When the piece is done, you will be able to download it or you will get it in an email.

This is, in short, what essay writing service is and how it operates. Now let’s see

Tips for Working with an Online Essay Writing Service

Картина, която съдържа текст, закрито, лаптоп, компютър

Описанието е генерирано автоматично

When you are deciding how to proceed with the problem of “who can write my essay now”, first, make sure you understand what is asked for you in the assignment. If you don’t give the proper details, the writer cannot give the best results. So, make sure you know what exactly needs to be done, and then adjust your order accordingly.

Second, select the topic you feel is best for your assignment. Sometimes the topic is given beforehand, but if it is not, make sure to pick one that you feel comfortable with and that you can understand.

Third, try to ensure enough of a deadline. Three hours may be an option for a deadline, but it is always better if the writer has the necessary time to research, do the assignment, then revise it. If you don’t allow for enough time, you cannot expect the highest quality. Writers aren’t machines that give instant results. They require technical time to do the steps needed for a good piece of writing.

Also, try to research the topic beforehand. If you are well accustomed to the topic you have to write on, you will be able to give good instructions to the writer. If possible, show what sources you want to be used and include all relevant data for the writer to use.

Do a plagiarism check, as well. Yes, yes, we know online essay writing services promise that they always give written from scratch assignments. Yes, yes, we know they also promise they are doing such a scan themselves. Still, it is always better to make sure for yourself. So, do a plagiarism check prior to handing in the assignment. There is a huge sea of information online. One can never be certain they are writing something that is absolutely unique. And plagiarism accusations can ruin one’s career. Thus, tie all the loose knots by doing such a check to ensure the uniqueness of your assignment.

And there is one last thing we want to mention. That is – always, always make sure you are familiar with the assignment you are handing in. After all, many teachers and professors may want to ask you questions about the thing you’ve handed and if you don’t know what is written in there, they will easily understand it is not you who wrote it.

Sure, having someone “write my essay today online” is not illegal. Still, teachers and professors aren’t fond of such services and you may see your grade drop quite significantly. Thus, ensure you know what is written in there, what are the conclusions, and that you can defend them yourself.


  • Is it legal to have someone write my essay now online?

Yes, it is legal. Still, as we stated above, it is sometimes frowned upon and you’d do better if you know what are you handing in, what is written in the assignment, as well as how can one reach those conclusions.

  • Can we trust online essay writing services?

Well, like everything in life, there are some that are doing it simply to make money for low-quality work. Still, you can easily avoid such if you do good research. Note what do reviews say about the services you’ve found to ensure you are not throwing money away for anything.

  • How do online essay services work?

We discussed this topic above in details.

  • How can I be sure of the writers?

We noted several important aspects of that above.


There are many reasons why one would want to “have someone to write my essay now quickly” and we discussed the most important one of the – time. Time is a precious resource and not everyone can do everything without delay. Thus, many services are offering to do things instead of their customers. One such area is the online essay writing services. They provide the connection of students to professional writers who are experienced and qualified to do the task. The employed writers have undergone various steps during the process of selection. Then they are given topics that are within their range of abilities.

Once you place your order, you will be given the best available writer and, usually, you can expect timely delivery, sometimes with the option of further revisions.

If you opt to go for such a service, we hope that our article will be helpful. We tried to present enough information and tips for you to make a well-informed decision. This article is a review of what online essay writing services do, why would one need them, as well as how to work with them.

We hope you found that we answered the question you have in mind (“who can write my essay for money now”) and that you found that informative enough to make a good decision on whether you want to use one and, if yes, how to do so. There are various services that can offer the chance to “have someone to write my essay now pay later”. Many reviewers have said that “particular services offered me the chance to have a professional write my essay for cheap.” So, good luck with your quest.